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Welsh Lamb and Beef Producers Ltd (WLBP) is a farmer- controlled agricultural cooperative society with over 7,500 members.  WLBP Ltd is encouraging the improved marketing of Welsh Lamb and Beef produce by developing assurance schemes that can create and sustain confidence in consumers and other stake holders in the meat supply chain; that Welsh lamb and Welsh beef, sourced from FAWL certified farms, is produced by farmers that exercise good standards of animal health welfare and husbandry, who care for and protect the countryside and strive to play their part in making sure that the meat is safe to eat.


WLBP Schemes

WLBP owns the Farm Assured Welsh Livestock Scheme that is monitored by a certification body called Quality Welsh Food Certification Ltd, a body approved by United Kingdom Accreditation Service to operate under EU Standard EN45011.  WLBP is also encouraging its members to look after the environment and to participate in animal health and welfare planning schemes that are being developed all the time.  A bespoke health and welfare planning website has been developed to enable FAWL members to work with their vets to continually improve standards of livestock health and welfare on member’s farms.  The FAWL scheme is also recognised by Assured Food Standards and its members’ farms are allowed to market their produce under the banner of the Red Tractor Scheme.



  • Continually monitors issues that are of concern to consumers, government and  other stake holders.
  • Responds proactively to ensure that confidence in Welsh lamb and Welsh beef can be sustained.  
  • Addresses issues like health and welfare of farmed animals


Welsh Lamb and Beef Producers Ltd is an example of agricultural cooperation working in action to deliver benefits for both members and consumers alike. With rapid and constant change in the industry, cooperatives like WLBP have to evolve to meet those changes and play a positive part for the benefit of their members


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